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Despre Noi

Our project

Over time, Nicolae and Alina of Romania have discovered a series of Romanian products that they consume with confidence and are delighted with their quality. That's why they want to make them known and as visible as possible, giving them recognition. 

The satisfaction provided by the product features is worth sharing with as many people as possible who are interested in investing in quality and safety. 


Short history

Since its beginnings in Romania, the Royal Family has supported local producers and small and medium-sized enterprises, placing a special emphasis on quality.

Starting with 1914, Romanian merchants and craftsmen played an increasingly important role in the plan of economic life.


In tune with the times, the Royal Family has constantly supported local producers, thus contributing to the increase in the quality of production and the services offered. 

As a result, these efforts have contributed to the development and promotion of specialists in various fields and the official recognition of their merits.

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